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Solar Skylights - Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Information

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Q  How much light will a skylight give ?
A Our 500 mm-round skylight will give a cone of light approximately 3 metres in diameter.

Q  What sizes do they come in?
A . 400 mm round, 500 mm round and 800 mm square

Q  Other companies offer smaller ones why don’t you?
A We have found that due to the often cloudy conditions in New Zealand 400 mm is the smallest we sell that will actually give customer satisfaction. Sola Skylights do make smaller units but we do not offer them in New Zealand

Q  How long do they take to install?
A We allow half a day given good climatic conditions

Q  Every one is talking about Standards Mark, do your skylights meet the Standards Mark?
A Yes our Skylights are tested and approved to AS 4285 - 1995

Q  Can a vented skylight replace an extraction fan for an internal bathroom?
A Yes our 500-mm skylight has a BRANZ opinion on venting internal bathrooms

Q  Can the flexible tube be ducted into two rooms?
A No we do not recommend that style of installation

Q  What is the maximum length of flexible ducting can be used?
A We have installed up to six metres but our recommendation is no more than 3 metres.

Q  Will they fit on all roof profiles ?
A Not all but the majority e.g. Concrete tile, corrugated iron, decromastic tiles.

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