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Solar Water Heating - Frequently Asked Questions

Why Heat Your Water with Solar?

Q  Do I have to have the tank on the roof?
A  No. There are many options available. Tanks can be fitted in the roof, externally on the ground, or inside the home. It all depends upon the customer and property suitability.

Q  What happens in the winter when the sun does not shine?
A  The solar tank does have an electric element inside that comes on automatically.

Q  Do I still use my existing hot water cylinder?
A  You can, but depending upon the Solahart model it normally replaces the need for an existing hot water cylinder.

Q  Can I run the hot water from my solar system into my existing cylinder because it’s nearly new?
A  Yes but it is an inefficient way of using the solar system and not normally cost efficient.

Q  Do I need to strengthen my roof before we fit the Solahart?
A  Depending upon the model and the roof type. An on-site inspection is best to establish this fact.

Q  How much power will I save?
A  Typically, with two people in the home, about 45% - 50% of the power bill is hot water. With a family of five or six, it can save up to 75% of the power bill.

Q  Can I connect the solar unit to a wet back in my fire place?
A  Yes. Both low pressure and mains pressure.

Q  What is the payback-time on a solar system?
A A commonly asked question (even though you do not get a pay back on any other appliance you buy). It all depends how much water you use. A better way to look at it is if you invest the money you were to pay for a Solahart in the bank, you could easily expect double or even three times the return with your power bill savings than earned on the money invested.

Q  Why should I buy a Solahart rather than a cheaper brand?
A Solahart likes to say; "all solar works", Some better than others. Solahart is the only BRANZ tested solar unit available in NZ. We are established in over 80 countries worldwide and we have been manufacturing dedicated solar hot water systems for over 50 years. A certain peace of mind security with Solahart.

Q  Do I need a permit or building consent for a Solahart?
A If you are building new, then consent should be part of your building permit when you submit your plans specifying a Solahart for approval. On existing homes we recommend getting a consent which we can assist with.

Q I have been told stainless steel cylinders are better because they don't rust is this true?
A 95% of the high pressure hot water cylinders sold world wide are manufactured using cermic technology – check with your local plumbing merchant. Ask a metallurgists, and you will find that stainless steel does rust. Few metals ever escape corrosion in water, no matter what their quality, Including Stainless Steel.

All Solahart tanks have an internal double layer ceramic lining, fused to the steel casing at over 800oC a fact not lost on some 95% of the world’s water heater manufacturers. Metals fused with ceramics have been used in some very extreme conditions such as the nose cones of NASA space shuttles.


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