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Solar Pool Heating

Why Heat Your Pool with Solar?

Operating cost
The increasing cost of conventional energy to warm your pool is completely eliminated

Our ten year full warranty, including labour and freezing, allows you to enjoy your pool with total assurance and confidence long after the warranty on a conventional heater has expired

Maintenance Costs
On going maintenance costs become practically non-existent due to Heliocol’s rugged design and reliability

Your solar system provides safe, clean energy without burning fossil fuels or polluting the air.

Dangerous pilot lights, volatile fuels, and corrosive metals are completely eliminated when you heat with solar.

Heliocol patented Individual Tube and
Close-Coupled Design is the perfect
approach to solar pool heating

What makes Heliocol solar pool collector panels the best in the world?

Full 10 year warranty on panels including labour and freeze protection. This warranty is simply the best in the industry. No other collector offers this kind of protection and peace of mind.
Exclusive individual “over moulded” tube design eliminates all welds, easily allows the panel to expand and contract, virtually eliminates wind load, eliminates premature roof deterioration and is the most technically advanced on the market today.
Heliocol panels are very reliable and completely resistant to pool chemicals, scaling, extreme temperatures and corrosion
Attractive appearance with no gaps between collectors, no hoses or hose clamps and no visible mounting hardware.
Six collector sizes provide flexibility to fit most roofs.
Continuously in production since 1977 in an ISO 9002 certified plant by the worlds largest solar pool heating manufacturer.
Heliocol produce a true heavy-duty commercial quality product with a burst pressure of 270 psi against 10 psi of most strip systems

Additional advantages of a Heliocol Solar Pool Heating System
Digital automatic solar computer (not just a thermostat) to provide fully automatic operation, temperature setting options, a winter maintenance option and temperature display read out.

All check and drain down valves to protect existing equipment and to allow the system to drain back into the pool when not in use.

A manual or motorised 3-way valve allows the solar array to be bypassed when required.

Class D 40mm pressure pipe, not 25mm or 40mm PVC waste pipe, provides optimum flow rates and pipe longevity. Commercial work on very large pools may require larger pipework. Heliocol patented Individual Tube and Close-Coupled Design is the perfect approach to solar pool heating. See the Solar Pool Heating Frequently Asked Questions page here

How hot will my pool get?
This is a commonly asked question and some companies will guarantee you certain degree temperature increases even though they can not guarantee the sun to shine. While we do not state temperature increases, the Heliocol product has been certified by an independent organisation Solar Rating Certification Corporation SRCC as the top rated performing solar pool heating.

For best performance we recommend you consider fitting a thermal pool cover to minimise heat loss at night when the air temperature drops below the pool temperature or at times of low solar gain



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